An Android application to let you defeat your vices and become an asceticism master. Its story is quite interesting from my point of view and it can't be explained completely here, but it is enough for you knowing it has been my main technological focus for months. Now I'm looking for anyone disposed to buy and maintain it. Anybody interested can have a look at its Fliptopia page.
Half web comic, half art gallery, created for a friend of mine who started to draw and wanted some place to publish his early artworks, in order to catalogue then for when he'll become a famous painter.
An open-source Android download server, useful to find a job for an old device. With StreamStation you can start, stop and manage HTTP downloads on your mobile phone remotely from another device, through a comfortable web interface. Setting up a port forwarding on your router you can also manage your downloads outside your LAN.
An user guide is also avaliable here, while the source code is on Github.